Digital X-Rays

At Duncan Smith Dental, our x-ray images are produced digitally.

This means our x-rays are produced faster and patients have reduced exposure to radiation. We are also being kinder to the environment as we no longer use the chemicals required to develop films.

Our investment in the latest technology includes multi-media systems in the surgeries which enable patients to view all their images and digital X-rays from the comfort of their chair. Digital x-rays are an extremely progressive addition to our practice.

Digital X-rays are taken to help our dentists evaluate and diagnose many conditions, so that they can be treated before the condition becomes worse. We will only take x-rays when we feel it is essential.

Most Important Advantages of Digital x-rays:

  • Much lower dosage of x-rays required
  • Much clearer detail with the ability to enlarge x-rays immediately or highlight a particular area in detail. We can zoom in on a single tooth, rotate the image, sharpen it and colourise it – all to aid in your diagnosis.
  • Immediate pictures enabling us to show you areas of decay on the screen in front of you and enabling us to deal with any problem areas faster
  • Image quality is also much more consistent as we don’t have to use potentially unreliable chemical developers